New App Helps Detect Hearing Loss in Infants

Eric Kraus developed an app to screen a baby's hearing at home.

Eric Kraus developed an app to screen a baby’s hearing at home.

Every year, almost 12,000 babies are born with hearing loss. Ranging from mild to complete, hearing loss can greatly affect a child’s development. It nearly goes without saying that the sooner a baby is diagnosed, the sooner he or she can receive treatment, help, and hope. As almost half of babies fail their initial newborn hearing screening, doctors are trying harder than ever to give parents the tools they need to make sure their children are developing on track.

One doctor, Eric Kraus, MD, has not only made it possible to test a baby’s hearing effectively from home, he’s also made it free and by using something you probably already carry in your pocket.

It’s a smartphone app called the Sleeping Baby Hearing Test App, and it uses a self-calibrating sound level meter to help administer the Ling 6 Sound Test, which uses specific vocal and articulated sounds to determine the strength of an infant’s hearing. For best results, it’s advised to use the mother’s voice, as it is the one babies are most tuned-in to.

Use the free app to administer an at-home test, and if questions or concerns arise, a more thorough examination can be performed at Wagner ENT.